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Disbursement Methods

1-800 Quick Tax partners with Refund Advantage to offer some amazing Bank products and disbursement options:


​Choose the Easy Advance Plus (EAP) option (DAY OF E-FILING) and we can offer a $6,000, $4,500, $3,000, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 or $500 

advance based on your net refund. You choose your loan amount. Approval process take 72 hours

If approved – funds can be directly deposited or Bank check can be mailed the next business day. Balance of your net refund will be paid once the IRS approves and releases your funds. We do not require any money upfront or out of pocket to file with 1-800 Quick Tax! You will receive your refund proceeds, subtracting tax preparation and processing fees once the IRS & State release your funds. 1-800 Quick Tax DOES NOT GET PAID until you get paid !


​By Check – Have your refund mailed directly to your home and you will pay nothing out of pocket at tax preparation time.

Direct Deposit - Refunds can be directly deposited into your checking, savings or pre-paid card and you will pay nothing out of pocket at tax preparation time.


Qualifications: Client must not owe any back taxes, agency debt, school debt, or child support debt that would result in a garnishment by the IRS

*** Please speak to your tax preparer about these issues and we might be able to assist getting things cleared ***

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